The earlier you engage us in the process, the smoother your project will run. Typically, our clients will bring their initial ideas to the table and we will assemble a team of designers and consultants to carry out their vision.


Based on the Project Delivery Method, we either lead or assist in the Design Management Process by working with architects and other consultants.


Prism has a unique Request for Tender method. Our bid requirements are integrated into a project’s scope and schedule. We also have a unique depository of knowledge for each trade that reaps best results in quality benchmarking.

The procurement of first-rate trade contractors imprints success on a project for Prism and our clients. Prism’s Program Management Office have quantified performance management program in place. We have unique Pre-Qualification system that is integrated to the success and requirements of each project.


General Contracting: Prism is a team builder. With extensive experience with various trade contractors and a knowledge base that allows us to integrate cost, schedule and quality, we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations on every project.


The Design-Build project delivery method is traditionally selected when the scope is clear. Prism has provided Design-Build services to many large corporations. We are known in the industry for meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, whether they’re driven by schedule, budget, safety or other concerns.

We leverage over three decades of experience on a broad range of projects, as well as strong relationships with trades and up-to-date knowledge of trends in the construction industry, to deliver innovative concepts and solutions.

General Contracting

A General Contractor becomes a partner during the construction process, and the relationship with the client is based on trust.

Prism’s fairness and ethics are well known in the industry. We are a process-based company and we believe in transparency. We provide quotes tied to scheduling, including a quality management program with associated costs.

Construction Management

Prism Construction also offers Construction & Project Management services such as assisting with scheduling, budgeting, and coordination throughout all phases of a project. An appropriate and reasonable fee will be agreed upon.