Interns & Co-op Students


**Application submissions are now closed and we will be conducting interviews in June. Thank you to all of those who have applied**


We are looking to engage students at our office and sites this summer to provide hands-on industry experience.

We are able to provide your choice of working in the office with our Project Management, Estimating, or Accounting teams OR working in the field.

You should only apply for the position if:

You are ambitious about your future.

You are a hard worker who doesn’t cut corners.

You are not looking for an easy, relaxing summer, and are the type of person who is more interested in maximizing the time off school to advance your career.

You will truly appreciate having an opportunity to work with an industry leader and the best mentors.


Who we are:

Prism Construction is a quickly growing commercial construction company that values the best employees, helps them learn and grow, and enables them to feel empowered.

We believe in putting together high-quality structures. One of our main goals is to have clients who are so pleased with our performance they recommend our services to others. Communication with clients and all stakeholders during the construction process is key to making this happen.

As an student at Prism Construction, you will help manage relationships with hundreds of construction partners and your role will be critical to the company’s success.

We are also looking for an individual who is motivated to continue developing our image as a company that is regarded as an industry leader.

Prism Construction is constantly striving to be a company makes our employees want to stay with us long term.