Our Vision:

To be a change driver in the construction industry building a unique future with ever growing


Our Mission Statement:

To optimize benefits for our clients by harnessing knowledge from every project we deliver.

Our Values:

Security: Security is the essential right of every individual affected by our business.

People: Educate our employees so they are ready to leave, but treat them well so they want to stay.

Knowledge: Provide leadership in the industry by creating and sharing disciplinary knowledge.

Integrity: Honesty and fairness will always be the essence of our service.

Stewardship: We consider the environment in all aspects of our business.

Professionalism: We always conduct ourselves in a manner that we are proud of and that represents Prism well.



Prism’s greatest asset is our team. One of our key values is to educate and prepare our employees so

they are ready to leave but to treat them well so they want to stay.

Our history of having happy, long-term employees and a family-like working atmosphere speaks to the

emphasis we place on them.

Each job undertaken by Prism is a collaboration of many minds. Our role is to bring together the best - to

engage in creative teamwork and achieve project goals.

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Systems & Knowledge

What Prism offers is beyond construction. We provide the structure upon which various organizations in

complex projects can work together, minimizing their combined efforts for increased efficiencies. In

other words, we offer to provide an integrated Project Management Office – a PMO. All parties, either

internal or external to your organization will have access to our PMO.

Our system integrates human resources and their performance measurement, evaluation and

procurement of sub-trades, business portfolio management, strategic planning, project phase-gate

based management, contract management, bidding and costing, management through earned value

management (EVM), asset management, and many other features.

We are committed to being a knowledge based organization. We commit to harness the knowledge

from every project we deliver, making the PMO a maturing learning organism.



Food Processing:

Through engaging in the Design-Build of many food processing projects, Prism has mastered the

specifics of their CFIA requirements and other business operational needs.

We will offer design ideas and solutions with our diverse knowledge base. Don’t take the risk of taking

on a contractor who has to learn as they go.

“A heartfelt thank you for constructing our new plant with your amazing team. We truly appreciated

your sincerity from the onset of this undertaking and I have enjoyed working with you from the early

stages, even when we were unsure of where exactly we were going to set root.” – Nancy Yamazaki,

President of Pacific Points Foods Ltd.


How does an office’s design cater to the business’s dynamics? Has the layout of your facility been

carefully thought out? Does it create an adequate level of comfort in order to maximize output?

With Prism’s extensive experience building office/warehouse facilities all over Canada, these are some

of the questions we ask. We help plan for decades ahead, forecasting life cycles of various construction


Self Storage:

When it comes to building mini storage facilites in the Lower Mainland, Prism is second to none. We

have built for the biggest firms, including Public Storage, Maple Leaf Storage, and U-Lock.

The key to a successful mini storage building is maximizing the use of every square foot available.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to do this while maximizing usability.

Car Dealerships:

Car dealerships are high-end showrooms. Every aspect has to be impeccable, from lighting to millwork

to placement of furniture and artwork.

Prism has built such showrooms and maintenance facilities for some of the top automobile brands and

we have provided a precise attention to detail.


Include pictures for Tim Horton’s (you have some)

When working on a facility that serves food, a high attention to detail is required. Prism has built Tim Hortons, Wendy’s Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Burger King restaurants all over B.C. We have many repeat clients ultimately leading to hungry mouths fed.

Institutional Buildings:

Prism has erected many institutional buildings. While participating in the design and construction of many religious buildings such as churches and Jamat Khanas, we’ve learned that quality goes beyond the physical components of the building - it seeps into the environment. 

Similarly, schools require child safety and a high quality learning environment at their center. With our meticulous approach and extensive experience, Prism is the best choice for institutional buildings.