About Us

Building a better future

At Prism Construction, we design and build custom, state-of-the-art commercial and industrial facilities that meet today’s modern business needs. We provide the full spectrum of professional construction services to take you from conception to building to grand opening day.

Our specialties include high-efficiency self storage, luxury auto showrooms, warehouse facilities, multi-use business parks, food processing and storage facilities, and hotel and conference facilities.

Over the last three decades we’ve mastered the construction design process and established strong relationships with B.C.’s best and most trusted subcontractors, reliably delivering the highest quality results at the best possible price.

Why Prism

We are more than builders. We create facilities that help businesses prosper and thrive. We care deeply about the success of our clients because new buildings represent progress.

Our mission

A winning team that builds structures to the highest standards, ensuring our clients and everyone involved is proud of the finished product.

Our history

Proudly building B.C. for 35 years. Prism Construction was founded in 1998 by Amin Rawji. In the past three decades we’ve developed more than 600 projects, totaling over 20 million square feet with construction costs of over $2 billion.

Over the years, our company has grown its dedicated core team of values-driven executives, senior managers and professionals. Tradition here is strong, and so is our reputation for excellence. We are a team of innovators with family values and deep community roots.

Let’s build together

Better planning. Better communication. Better results. Talk to an expert today about your vision for tomorrow.