Our Process

Turnkey, stress free.

Planning a new building – and a bright new future – for your business is an exciting time, but can sometimes feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider from the early stages of architectural design to costing, down to the logistics of site selection and breaking ground.

Don’t worry, we do all the heavy lifting.

The key to a successful project is understanding your priorities and expectations. With us, you get a full team of dedicated, focussed and knowledgeable industry experts for every stage of the journey. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re on top of the project schedule, cost and quality from start to finish.

Let’s talk about your project.

Whether you’re ready to build or unsure where to start, we’re here to help.

1. Pre-Design

If you can dream it, we can build it. Unsure what you want or need? We can help with that too. Whatever your needs and goals, we come up with a customized, sophisticated end-to-end solution that’s just right for you.

2. Design

We call this the art of construction. Our integrated team of industry-leading designers and consultants will shape an innovative, architecturally designed building specific to your needs and vision. Value engineering is an integral part of our process, which means you get the best results at the best possible price.

3. Procurement

We’re meticulous and picky, but fair. We have deep connections in the trades and a rigorous performance management process to ensure win-win results. Plus, there are no hidden or unexpected costs – everything is shared with you upfront in the project scope and schedule.

4. Construction

When it’s time to start building, you will have an integrated team of skilled, knowledgeable contractors dedicated to ensuring your project runs smoothly in a safe work environment. We hold every contractor personally accountable for delivering the highest quality workmanship and results.

5. General Contracting

It matters who you work with in the sub trades and our standards are extremely high. We take pride in our strong relationships with the industry’s most reliable companies and in our rigorous selection process.

6. Construction Management

Construction is complicated with a lot of moving parts. No matter the size, putting up a building (or two) on time and on budget takes intricate planning, coordination and attention to detail. We are experts, with 35 years of industry-leading experience and more than 600 projects under our belt.

Let’s build together.

Better planning. Better communication. Better results. Talk to an expert today about your vision for tomorrow.